If someone were to ask you what's the most beautiful thing about you, what would you say?



In an externally obsessed and motivated culture, Fayve Cosmetics still believes that true beauty is built from the inside out.

We are reframing what it means to make yourself beautiful by emphasizing the value of the heart and mind.


Let's just make it plain.


we exist to empower women to look within to stand out. our goal is to help you prioritize your pretty.
core first, cut crease second. 


Have you ever met the beautiful mean girl?

What about the girl who everyone thought was gorgeous, except her?

We have all experienced these kinds of women, and if we're honest we've actually been her.


You see, the issue isn't what we lack in looks, status, stature, or finances.

The problem is that when we look in the mirror all we see is what's staring back at us, completely abandoning what actually makes us who we are.


Let's go beneath the surface 

Our character, our heart, the thoughts we think, the way we love ourselves, the way we treat others, and how we impact the world to make it a better place. These are the things that deserve priority when we think about what makes us pretty and that's all we're saying.


We're not anti-makeup, we're just pro-YOU!


 and while everyone else is scientifically trying to formulate the next serum to keep you beautiful forever, we've found it!


When we learn to find beauty in the inner most depths of our being, there's no wrinkle, blemish, or pore that can ever diminish our core.