Makeup? Cosmetics Vs. Core

Makeup? Cosmetics Vs. Core


Personally, I love to look things up. 

I genuinely have a desire to understand so many things and one of those things just happens to be words. 

I'm sure if SIRI was actually human, she'd be giving me the silent treatment from pure exhaustion.

"Hey SIRI, define _______" 

"Hey SIRI, google_______"

So naturally, when I started Fayve Cosmetics I was diving super deep into what makeup actually meant. It's origin, how it's made, all the things.

To my surprise I was slapped with a revelation that would eventually lay the foundation for why Fayve truly exists. 

I guarantee you the very first thing and probably the only thing that comes to mind when someone mentions "makeup" is color cosmetics. backs this up. But what most of us don't realize is that makeup isn't just what we paint on, it's also what makes something up. 

Makeup can be defined as the composition of something or in simpler terms, the things that work together to make something what it is.

Then it hit me!

Makeup isn't just cosmetics, its core.

Now what is core? I won't get into every definition, but the one relevant to us is "the central or most important part of something"

It’s the key ingredient. Making whatever it is, what it is.

Like what flour and eggs are too cake.

As humans, what are the two central and most important parts of our bodies?

Lungs? Sure, sure. We do have to breathe.

But again, as it relates to why we (Fayve Cosmetics) exists and how we define beauty, what are the central and MOST important parts of you.


Look at this way, (stay with me, we're almost to the finish)

Luke 6:45 says: "A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of."

This text clearly shows us that whatever is in us will come out, good or bad. This includes the things we say about ourselves and others and how we treat ourselves and others. It even affects how we produce in life, be it in business, at work, or in relationships. It also determines how we show up in the world, are you joyful, angry, encouraging, generous, or jealous?

The bottom line is this, it is what's in us that makes up who we actually are, and who we are should take precedence over what we look like. It’s the position of our heart and the soundness of our mind, those central and most important parts of us that determines whether we show up in the world pretty, or pretty ugly.

Are you catching what I’m putting down?


So, our stance as a brand isn't against what we put on, but more so the value of what we put in.

I’ll leave you with this,

If you don’t know already, you were created in the image of God and that image is love.

So today, I pray that you come to know that love. May that love consume you, renew you, transform you and transcend into a world that needs more of it.

Until next time.






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